Higher Medical Education

Higher Medical Education

General Medicine

MBBS, Medical Doctor 


The Department of GENERAL MEDICINE was founded in 2021 according to the License N 0082 of the Ministry of Education and Science (MoESCS) of RA, issued on 13.07.2021. The duration of this program is 6 years,  qualification of MD (Medical Doctor) , with a diploma graduation document.

The program is based on secondary education OR middle professional education certificate or diploma .

Graduates from middle medical professional educational programs can be admitted  to the second year of the General Medicine Program depending on the previous specialities of the middle medical educational program.

Transfers from other universities are not  possible ONLY for the 1st and 6th years of study.

The academy has advanced labs, simulation centers and modern classrooms, equipped with necessary technologies, mannequins, and didactic materials.

We provide with the necessary medical professional and various types of literature, medical professional journals, including online literature. 

The academy has a learning resource center.

Our students have the opportunity  to study with  qualified lecturers,  professors from Armenia and abroad and with visitor lecturers from different countries in partnership with other medical schools.

Our goal is to promote excellence in the field of medical education through research, professional development.

Our students get practical training at the best clinical facilities of Armenia.

For the admission procedure, please see how to apply