Dr. Diana S. Zarembo

Dr. Diana S. Zarembo 
Head of Ophthalmology Service at Erebuni Medical Center

Educational Background

2011, completed studies at Yerevan State Medical University with a focus on medical affairs.

2014, completed clinical residency in "Ophthalmology" at Yerevan State Medical University.

Professional Experience

2017, the diagnosis and treatment of tumors affecting the eyelids and conjunctiva were addressed, Moscow.

2021, completed a refresher course at Yerevan State Medical University focusing on "Contemporary Functional Approaches to Visual Organ Examination."

2021, performed eyelid and periorbital region radiowave surgery, Moscow.

2021, Oculoplastics, India

2023, Cataract Phacoemulsification, India

2023, MBA in Medical Facilities Management