From the Rector

Artur Ikilikyan, PhD of Law

As one of the youngest medical academies in Armenia we are a community of enthusiast professionals, problem solvers, caregivers, innovators and life-long learners.

Our Mission is to heal humankind by delivering leading-edge research, education, improving quality of patient care, engagement and integration in a Global Medical Community.
The education of health professionals designed in accordance with the health needs of society and aimed at ensuring that they acquire the necessary knowledge, skills and commitment to the development of better quality of care. 
Erebuni Medical Academy is one of the premier research and educational institutions in our Country. 
Our dedicated faculty is committed to providing excellence in teaching our students. 
Our research scientists make important new advances that benefit patients, worldwide, and society, in general.
The Educational process developed analytical,communication and managerial skills. Our students have to be strong problem solvers and be able to work in a team and understand social and cultural realities.
Our academy is another choice for our young generation and for foreign students to get high standards of education in medicine. Today the world is living in a communication era and information systems are another key component making our knowledge more available for our students.
Join us to create the future of medicine and  together we will be able to face the different challenges of the XXI century.