Erebuni Medical Academy Foundation is established in 2019. Our main goal is to prepare medical specialists able to face the challenges of the contemporary world.

Our academy has both Bachelor of Medicine (MBBS), Doctor of Medicine and Middle Professional Educational Programs and we strive for student satisfaction and our effort is to provide professional environment.

We have structured courses with diverse curriculum covering virtually all topics of medicine.

We believe that establishing new standards in education will stimulate others as well.

For this goal we have created high standard simulation labs, equipped with necessary didactic materials and mannequins.

We invite professors with international qualifications from abroad, we provide our students with the necessary literature, including virtual.

Among our other advantages most notable can be the fact that our students have opportunity to practise in the leading clinics of Armenia.

International standards
Equipped laboratory
Modern technologies
Experienced specialists
Equipped library
Didactic materials
Internship in hospitals
Medical mannequins